First Published 5/26/12

A lot of people might despise commercials. Not me! I don’t need to wait till the Super Bowl to enjoy a good advertisement on the best razor or body wash. 

A lot of my joy for commercials comes from my joy of analyzing. I love breaking down the ad and trying to figure out exactly how they came up with a concept like that.  I find myself thinking things like-

 “Why did they choose a woman to be that spec of dirt dreaming of a sufficient mop to save her?”


“ Why on earth is Jimmy Fallon reppin’ a credit card? Does he actually use Capitol One?”

 I believe advertisers are pretty intelligent folks and I know they have a significant and elaborate reason for every little discussion they make. So, of course I was overjoyed to find a candy-based commercial for Peppermint Patties featuring…wait for it… A MAN! 


Yes, I witnessed a man in pure bliss, devouring a peppermint patty. What a rare occurrence. Usually those Peppermint Patty commercials feature women. Quite frankly, actors in food based commercials that combine that element of ecstasy and pleasure are almost ALWAYS women. This is a breakthrough! I would argue that food commercials showing that much emotion are presented as feminine, but this guy just broke the mold. Advertisers are aware that every image they put out makes some sort of statement. So Peppermint Patty man does mean something. He represents a significant shift in our media. This man was masculine. Yes, of model attractiveness, but masculine none the less. A masculine man illustrates the idea that you don’t have to be a woman to treat food like an aphrodisiac. You can be a man and express obsessive emotions, strong cravings and melodramatic feelings. Being very emotional or quite moved by something does not make a man a punk. Thank you, Peppermint Patty man for being one of the first guys to change the tone. We needed that. 

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